You‘ve probably heard about Mozilla’s plugin check for Firefox, which helps us to check add-ons and extensions for security issues.

Older and outdated browser plug-ins could lead to potential vulnerabilities and security holes and make a way to enter malware and other security threats into your system.


Because current browsers have no built-in mechanism for auto-updating plug-ins, we need to check it regularly by hand for a safer web experience.


The security company Qualys has developed a Browser Checking tool for Google Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox, which is similar to Mozilla Plugin Check that scans your browser for installed plug-ins and lets you know if they need to be updated.

However, currently this service scans only a few plugins and browsers, but they are very critical to the system security. Following are the list:

– Windows OS support expiration
– Browser version (IE 6.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Chrome 4.0+)
– Adobe Flash Player
– Adobe Reader 5.x and above
– Adobe Shockwave Player
– Apple Quicktime
– Microsoft Silverlight
– Microsoft Windows Media Player
– Real Player
– Sun Java
– Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers, etc

This tool will also help you fix the security issues discovered by the scan. Interested readers can try it for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. [via]

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