RecycleBinEx is a free application that extends and enhances the functionality of Windows recycle bin.

You can sort deleted items in the recycle bin, group them according to the deleted time and remove the items from the recycle bin which was deleted one day ago, two days ago, like that.
Moreover, you can manage all Windows recycle bins together. For example, if you have both Windows 7 and XP on one hard disk, you can remove Windows 7 recycle bin items from Windows XP, which is normally impossible.

Besides, RecycleBinEx can be merged to the context menu of the system recycle bin. So you no longer need to run RecycleBinEx every time just right click the Windows recycle bin and click the related menus to do the task.


RecycleBinEx supports command line mode also. You can easily write the automatic scripts such as ‘remove the items 15 days ago from recycle bin’ and let it run in the task scheme to do this work automatically for you.

RecycleBinEx works on all versions of Windows and can be downloaded free at Fcleaner



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