There are several utilities available for download on the internet to improve the performance of your computer like defragging tools, registry cleaners, and disk clean-up utilities. Among them, there are many fake utilities, which look legitimate, so difficult to identify. These fake utilities distribute malware, and cause many problems to users and their computer.

You should be aware of such fake utilities. Symantec has intentionally published a list of software to avoid which includes:

  1. Ultra Defragger
  2. Smart Defragmenter
  3. HDD Defragmenter
  4. System Defragmenter
  5. Disk Defragmenter
  6. Quick Defragmenter
  7. Check Disk
  8. Scan Disk.

Fake-utilities-list-1Note: Windows comes equipped with a wide range of tools, including ones for disk defragmentation and general disk clean up. Users are best advised to try to use these tools to improve any performance issues they may be experiencing before resorting to third-party tools. (via – JKWebtalks, Symantec)


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