Android-MalwareHere are five essential and simple steps that anyone can follow to secure their Android smartphone from the growing security threats. As most of us keep our sensitive information (username, passwords, etc) in our phone, we should try hard to keep them save from all kind of threats. To keep your Android-based devices secure, you should consider the following five simple steps.

1: Use your Android phone’s built in security features: Properly configure location and security settings. For that, go to Location and Security option under Settings. Chose any of the Screen Lock (choose password, pin or pattern) option, password, etc.

2: Disable the Wi-Fi Auto Connect option: Automatically accessing any wireless network essentially means opening the door for just about anyone. Therefore, disable Auto connect option from Wireless and Network settings.

3: Consider blocking apps from stores other than Android Market: Usually malware comes through apps, so install it only from trusted source or only from Android Market.

4: Understand the apps permissions your are allowing before accepting them: Be careful when accepting request for personal and or device information, or for other action that are not necessary for a certain app to work.

5: Consider investing in an effective mobile security app: Sometimes, being careful about installing apps just is not enough. Because cyber criminals will never tire of coming up with ingenious ways to trick you into giving out personal information, using an effective security solution is still your best bet.

Check out security expert Trendmicro’s e-book, “5 Simple Steps to Secure Your Android-Based Smartphones” to get detailed information. (via)

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