The popular free security software developer Avast has launched the first public beta of their new security solution Avast 7 with new features and several security improvements along with new user interface and Windows 8 support. FileRep service, Streaming updates, Remote assistance feature and Export/Import settings are notable features of this new Avast 7 (Beta).




New Features of Avast 7 Free Antivirus (Beta)

FileRep service (file reputation services) is one of the new features of Avast 7 beta. This cloud based file reputation system helps Avast to make intelligent decisions by querying the Avast’s file reputation database.

Streaming updates is another new feature. It keeps Avast to up-to-date against latest threats. This feature give users streaming updates on new malware threats in addition to regular virus database updates.


Sandbox and Autosandbox improvements. This feature provides an extra layer of security for you to run your PC and its applications in a virtual environment. Autosandbox feature prompts users to run suspicious applications in the virtual Sandbox environment.

Browser protection improvements: The improved website reliability and reputation ratings system (Avast WebRep and Fishing Filter) warns users about dangerous web pages before entering a web page.

Remote assistance is another new feature. It helps Avast users to connect and share their computer. This feature can help you to troubleshoot your computer with friends.


Win8 Developer Preview support. Avast 7 beta version will works well with Windows 8 (DP) and may also works well on Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta), which is scheduled to be released on Feb 29, 2012.

Other notable new features of Avast 7 beta are new easy to use installer, import/export support, UI facelift and Screensaver facelift.

Avast 7 (beta) can install over your current Avast6.x version on your Computer, however not recommend in a working environment.  Avast 7 (Beta) Antivirus (free), Antivirus (pro) and Internet Security can be downloaded from the Avast beta release page.

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