Paranoid Android, the best custom ROM developer of past year comes back with the 2016 release. The brand new version of AOSPA ROM supports Nexus and OnePlus devices that you can now download and install, and enjoy new features like floating window mode, quick settings tile reordering function, immersive mode, CM theme engine, etc. on your device.

Last year, Paranoid Android lost many of its developers to OnePlus, but now the team back with fresh developers and a brand new version of the Paranoid Android ROM (AOSPA). PA has some of the most innovative features of any custom ROMs that all types of hackers, beginner and expert, will love to tinker with, while it remains close to stock Android in look and feel.



Paranoid Android 2016 supports most Nexus devices (6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 2013, 9) OnePlus family (One, 2, X) and some Sony devices. According to the PA team, “the lineup is this way to make sure we release the best possible experience on all the devices we release for. No compromises, pure greatness”

Interested Nexus and OnePlus users can download the ROM right now [HERE] and install it via TWRP custom recovery. You can read more about the Paranoid Android 2016 release at here.

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