Underclocking your Android phone’s CPU frequency can extend its battery life a lot more. AnTuTu CPU Master lets you do that easily on any rooted phone. If you are not using your phone for gaming or other CPU extensive applications, you can underclock your phone for better battery life.



AnTuTu CPU Master is designed to be an easy to use app to help you limit your phone’s CPU/GPU speed. If you are using your phone only for making calls, texting and social networking, then you can clock down the CPU frequency. It would keep your phone going until you reach a power point.

How to use AnTuTu CPU Master

Clockdown CPU Frequency: The app is easy to use. After installation (required rooted phone), run it and in the main tab, select a desired clock frequency (maximum and minimum) and apply it.

Also, You can choose different CPU scaling mode, such as userspace, ondemand, interactive or performance and set them on boot. Each of these scaling modes is designed for the type of performance as their names suggest.

Limit GPU Clock Speed: Similarly, you can limit GPU clock speed for your smartphones. This option is available under the “Advanced” section of the app.

Keep in mind that it may not work on all phones because of the differences in GPU chip. For GPU, you can choose the maximum sampling rate, threshold value, power save bias etc., from this section.


System Information: You can also view various information about your phone, such as phone model, Linux kernel, battery temperature, battery charge level, CPU load, CPU architecture, etc.

You can download the AnTuTu CPU Master app from Play Store.

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