You may have heard about Apple’s new voice-driven assistant Siri which is available with new iPhone 4S. With it, you can use your voice for sending messages, making phone calls, schedule meetings, readout incoming text messages and email, finding answers for general questions and much more. Siri is designed to accept plain English input and smart enough to figure out what you are saying. Siri is quite useful in many situations where using touch screen is not feasible such as driving, etc. However, Siri requires internet access to work.
If you are an Android user and like to have Siri like voice assistant feature to your phone, here is two free app – Speaktoit Assistant and Iris – that bring some Siri feature to Android.

1. Speaktoit Assistant: It uses natural language technology to answer your questions, find information, launch apps, send SMS and email, call contacts, connect with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.



Speaktoit Assistant currently in beta, so it may not answer some of your questions or work as you thinks. Download Speaktoit Assistant from Android Market.

2. Iris (Iris is Siri in reverse) is an android app developed by Dexetra inspired from the iPhone feature Siri and interacts with you in female voice. She answers your questions pulled from internet and some from custom made. After installing the app, just tap on the mic button to start asking questions.


Iris is currently in alpha, so it may not work as you think. Download Iris from Android Market (via)

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