Sidebar for Android enables multi-tasking like feature on Android. This feature enables you to open your favorite apps from anywhere on the phone via a simple swipe from the screen edge. Once installed, you will instantly enjoy the convenience of Sidebar – no need to go back to app drawer or home screen to launch your favorite app.

The interface of Sidebar is awesome and clutter free. The customizable, transparent dock with enlarged apps icons, immersive animations, color scheme, etc. adds a dash of elegance to Sidebar.


By default, Sidebar does not display all apps installed on your Android phone. You can add your own apps by simply touching the add button append at the end of Sidebar. The app also supports many widgets including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Brightness, and Torch.

Sidebar is available in two versions. The free lite version is limited in settings and the number of apps that can be added (8). The Pro version lifts all the limitations and opens access to new customizability as well as functionality.

See how Sidebar works

Sidebar supports Android 2.1 and above and can be downloaded from Play Store [Via]



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