The most exciting things in the Androsphere this month would be the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 and its said feature Eye Tracking. Unveiling this month (March 14, 2013), the Galaxy S 4 will have an eye-tracking technology, which enables users scroll webpages using their eyes.

Galaxy S IV’s “Eye-tracking” technology makes it easier for users reading webpages. They don’t need to touch the screen; instead, new paragraphs will automatically come into view when the eyes reaches the end of a paragraph.


Samsung is always looking for bringing new functionalities to its products. For, instance, Galaxy SIII’s “Smart Stay” feature prevents the phone’s screen from going off when you are browsing the internet or reading something on the phone.

At present, not much information are available on Galaxy S 4’s Eye-tracking technology. We can expect more details in coming days.

See Samsung Galaxy S IV promotional teaser video below:

Samsung will unveil Galaxy S IV, its flagship Android phone on March 14. [Via]



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