We use smartphone to interact with many people in our daily lives. But many times, we forgets what we discussed with a particular person and sometimes don’t even know those whom we interact with. If you’re an Android phone user, here is an app to assist you. Called RefreshMe, the app informed about your previous discussions and time before answering the phone.

RefreshMe is a quite useful app, especially if you’re a business person and have to interact with a large number of people daily. The app gives you a rundown (calls, SMS and time) of your previous discussions with your incoming contact.



In addition, this personal assistant app also provides note-taking facilities, so you don’t have to scramble around for a pen and paper when you need to jot something down.

Refreshme Note Taking

As a business person do you desire to keep a record of past discussions with clients, download RefreshMe free from Play Store to keep an indefinite history for each contact.


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