If you own a HTC One M8 and you are experimenting with your device, you have probably unlocked your bootloader. This enables you to install custom recovery, install custom ROM, custom bootloaders and more, but there are still restrictions. The S-ON (‘security on’) status on your device will not allow you to make any changes to the system partition. All changes will lose on reboot.


However, no need to worry, your HTC One M8 can be switched to S-OFF and make any changes to your device. The Firewater developers come up with a solution to get S-OFF on all variants of the HTC One M8. The process is straightforward and any advanced users can easily follow.

To do this, you need unlocked bootloader and the root access on HTC One M8. Please note that, the process will void your device warranty, so do it at your own risk.

Prerequisites to get S-Off access to HTC One M8

1. Your device must be rooted and unlock the bootloader.
2. Working ADB on your computer.
3. Enable the USB debugging mode on your phone.
4. Disable lock screen security (No passcode lock, no pattern lock, no face lock)
5. HTC drivers installed and all other phone software (Samsung Kies, PDANet, etc.) removed or disabled.

Once you have achieved all above-mentioned steps, head over to Firewater’s website, download firewater tool, and follow installation instructions. Enjoy hacking your HTC One M8!

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