One neat feature of the Moto X is ‘active notification’. Rather than using just a notification LED, the Moto X uses its screen to display much richer notifications. This nifty feature let you know the notification without needing to unlock the device. The AcDisplay replicates this Moto X functionality and is an excellent app if you have an AMOLED screen on your Android phone.

AcDisplay is a minimalist app. It is light on resources and friendly to battery, so you can use it on any device running Android 4.4. What make this app interesting is that you can immediately decide if an incoming notification is something important for you without unlocking the device.



The application is free and can be installed by going to this Play Store link. Once installed the enable show notification and switch on the app using the on/off slider.

Now, “your device will let you know when a notification is received, and then you can choose to ignore it, open the notifying app, or show the notification’s preview without leaving AcDisplay. “

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