By speeding up your SD card (external/internal), you can make apps load much faster on your Android phone and tablet. Here is how to speed up SD card. Android uses a cache to store commonly used files from the SD card. Increasing this cache size will bring a performance boost, but your device must be rooted to increase the cache size.

SD-Booster is a free app (download it from Play Store) that lets you speed up your external and internal SD-card or Memory card by increasing the cache size. The app supports Android 2.1 and above and requires root permission to run.


Increasing or decreasing the cache size with the app is quite simple. Once installed, open the app to run it. You will see the current cache size displayed. If you have a custom ROM installed it is likely this will already be higher. A good value is 512K, 1024K or 2048K.


Enable “Cache for all devices” option, then enter a cache value (512K, 1024K, or 2048K) and click apply and then grant Superuser privileges. Also, enable the option “Set all devices on system start” to keep the settings on system start.

Now, test out the settings by opening apps and taking some photos or videos. You can also download an SD card speed tester from the Play Store to test the speed. If everything is okay, you could try increasing the cache again.

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