Has your Android smartphone always keep running out of battery? There are several reasons for slowing down the battery life of a smartphone. For example, some of its background features such as location service, auto sync and other features or third party apps can drain your device’s battery life even on standby mode. Bitdefender has come up with a nice app called Bitdefender Power Tune-Up, which can optimize your Android device for battery economy and tune up your device for optimum performance.



In previous articles, we have shared few tips to make Android’s battery life last long and also featured few apps to boost Android’s battery life. Bitdefender Power Tune-Up’s ‘Battery Saver’ mode automatically save your phone’s battery power just with a tap, no more deep diving in individual settings needed.

In addition, the included Battery Widget helps you to keep an eye always on the remaining battery time.


Battery Power Manager (Custom Profile) is another feature of Bitdefender Power Tune-Up. You can turn on or off various features of your device as per your needs, for example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, auto sync, connectivity, etc. to increase the battery power.


Bitdefender Power Tune-Up has also a device Clean Up option and a Data Meter. The Clean Up option helps you gain extra storage by removing unnecessary cache and temporary files from your device’s internal storage, as well as from external memory cards.

Data Meter or 3G Traffic Monitoring option make sure you don’t get overcharged by carefully monitoring 3G data usage, setting up thresholds, and receiving notifications when limits are reached.

Verdict: Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is a free app and an awesome performance tuner and battery optimizer for Android devices  running Android 2.2 and above and requires no technical know how to increase your device’s battery life. It can be downloaded from Google Play shop.

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