If you are using your phone’s LED flashlight as torch, then you might like Power Button Flashlight app. This app enables you to use your phone’s power button to switch on and off flashlight or torch. This can be a very convenient option in any situation. And, what is great with this app is that it does not require root access on your phone.

Power Button Flashlight app is a free download on Play Store. Once installed, you can use your phone’s power button as on/off switch for flashlight/torch. No root access required. To turn on the LED flashlight you need to press your phone’s power button 3 times quickly when the screen is off and when the screen is on, you need to press the power button 4 times (once to turn the screen off, then 3 times).



Now, to turn off the LED flashlight, either you need to open the app and tap the on-screen toggle button or use the power button again. However, to use power button to turn off the flashlight/torch, you need a small in-app purchase.

Besides that, you can also set the auto shutdown time (1min – 20min) for the LED flashlight. This is useful to safeguard the LED flashlight (long time power on may damage the LED) as well as to automatically turn off the LED flashlight in case you accidentally trigger it.

Power Button Flashlight app is indeed a very good solution if you are looking for a simple and convenient way to power on/off the LED flashlight on your Android phone to navigate through the dark. [Download the app from here]

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