Just like other Motorola smartphones, the new Moto E 2015 (2nd Gen) has also hipped with locked bootloaders. Android geek who want to get root access, install custom ROMs, custom recovery, Mods, etc. on their 2nd Gen Moto E 2015 needs unlocked bootloader. It means unlocking bootloader is a good idea before you start hacking your device.

Though, some devices (like Nexus) can be unlocked with a simple ‘fastboot oem unlock’ command, devices like Moto E 2015 needs a specific authorization key provided by the manufacturer. In this tutorial, we show you how to unlock Moto E 2015 (2nd Gen) bootloader.



NOTE: unlocking the bootloader will normally carry out a factory reset for security reason, so back up your data first! Also, the procedure will void your device warranty. Though you can relock the bootloader from fastboot, there is no guaranty that it can revert your device to factory state.

Disclaimer: Follow this guide carefully and at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility if anything went wrong. This guide is intended only for technically talented users. This procedure will void your device warranty. It will also wipe your Moto E 2015 completely, so backup every important file first.


1. Download Minimal ADB and fastboot [HERE] and install it on your PC

2. Install the latest Motorola USB Drivers on your PC.

3. Now, put your Moto E in fastboot mode. To do so, switch off the phone, and then press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for few seconds.

4. Now, go to Minimal ADB and fastboot installation directory (normally at: C -> Program files -> Minimal ADB and fastboot) and open a command window (Hold Shift key and right click and select open command window here)

5. Connect your Phone to PC and in the command prompt window issue the command:

fastboot devices (To check your device is connected)

6. Type the below command in the command prompt window:

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

7. You will get a return string. Copy it. To copy the string, right in the command window, select Mark. Mark the text and press Ctrl+C to copy it. Save the text in Note pad.

8. Now, go to the Motorola Site [HERE] and sign in using your Google account or Motorola ID. Scroll down the page and paste the copied string (you have just saved in the above step) in the field.

9. Click on ‘Can my device be unlocked?’ A “REQUEST UNLOCK KEY” button will appear at the bottom of page.

10. To get your unlock key, select the ‘I Agree’ option. (You will receive an email with your Unlock Key at the email address you used to log in there)

11. Now, copy the 20-character key that Motorola sent to you via email.

12. Make sure your device is still connected to your PC.

13. Then type the command:

fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY

NOTE: Replace ‘UNIQUE_KEY’ with the unlock code that you have got via email.

14. Then hit enter to start unlocking process. Wait for a while and soon you will see ‘Bootloader Unlocked’ warning on your Moto E.

Very Important: Though you can relock the bootloader from fastboot (by issuing the command: fastboot oem lock), there is no guaranty that it can revert your device to factory state for warranty purpose. (source – XDA)

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