Chromecast is a newest product from Google, which looks like a small USB storage dongle. This $35 device touted as the easiest and affordable way to watch internet contents on TVs. Once plugged into your TV’s HDMI port, it streams contents from any phone or tablets (Android or iOS), PC or laptop running the Chrome browser.


Now, there is a good news for all Android users. You can now turn your Android device into a Chromecast at no extra cost with an app called CheapCast. This free app let’s your Android Device emulate a ChromeCats Dongle.


Using and setting up the app is pretty simple. Just install the app and start the service. Once the service is started, it is able to accept your casts from compatible applications. Also, you can change your ChromeCasts friendly name, which is used to identify the Chromecast receiver.

See below video to know how it works.

Note that, it is a beta app and currently it won’t support Google Cast tab streaming from Chrome. You can install CheapCast from Play Store. [Via – XDA]


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