Chances are you’ve heard of Chat Heads, an eye-catching feature of Facebook Home. Here is how to bring the same feature for incoming calls on your Android phone with a little app called CallHeads. This app replaces the full-screen incoming notification with a small floating notification on your screen when you receive an incoming call.

What is interesting with CallHeads is that it will not interrupt your work when you receive an incoming call with full screen notification. Just like Facebook’s Chat Heads, you will only see a bubble as an overlay on your app and you can drag this bubble to any corner of the screen, so you can finish what you are currently doing before answer the call. For instance, if you are playing Angry Birds, you can first finish the slingshot and then answer the phone.



Working with this app is quite easy. To accept a call, just drag the CallHead to the right edge of the screen and to reject a call, users just drag the CallHead to the left edge of the screen. By dragging the CallHead to the bottom of the screen, you will be able to send a message to the caller.

Note that, the app will not work if you have installed any kind of task killers (for instance, Greenify) or custom ROMs that kill background processes. Just configure them properly to work with it. Also, you have to launch the app once before it is active and on the LockScreen you will see your default call application.

CallHeads – phone call app requires Android 4 and above. You can install it from Play Store for free.

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