One of the cool features of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20 series devices is the Wireless PowerShare. It lets you wirelessly share battery charge of your device to other Qi-enabled phone or device, such Galaxy Watch,Galaxy Buds+, etc. In other word, PowerShare turn your Galaxy S10/S20 into a wireless charging mat. Here is how to use the feature.

In this guide, we let you know how to turn Nn and Off Wireless PowerShare on Galaxy S10/S20 and how to share battery power to other Qi enabled phone or device. For example, it can be useful to charge your Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Ear buds, etc. It works on all variants of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20.

Turn Galaxy S20/S20 into wireless charging mat

To use Wireless PowerShare, your device battery charge should not be less than 30%. In addition, remove any cover from each device for better result.

How to Turn on and Use Wireless PowerShare on Galaxy Phone

1. Pull down on the notification shade to access Quick Settings menu.

2. Look for Wireless PowerShare button, if you don’t see it swipe to the left to find it.

3. Tap the button to turn it on.

4. Place the Galaxy S10 on its face and place a second phone back-to-back against the S10.

5. For the best results, remove any cover from each device.

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How to Turn off Wireless PowerShare?

1. After completing the charging, remove the phone, and pull down the notification shade.

2. You will see a persistent notification for Wireless PowerShare. Tap to expand it, and then tap Turn off to stop it.

FYI, it is obvious that Wireless PowerShare drains your phone’s battery more quickly, so you should be aware of how much battery life is being used in the charging process. On average, you will lose about 25% of your battery per hour, but it may vary.

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