Here’s how to add a flashlight shortcut on the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone run on One UI 2.0. Android lets you place app icons on your lock screen so you can access them quickly without having to unlock your phone. Most apps still require you to unlock your phone before you can use them, but apps like camera, flashlight, etc. are exceptions.

For example, you can add flashlight shortcut on your Samsung Galaxy phone’s lock screen to turn on and off it fast and quickly without using any third-party apps. By adding it to the lock screen, you can swiftly turn on and off the flashlight without first having to unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy s10

This handy feature is available with Samsung One UI 2.0 (Android 10) update. You can try this feature on your Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, Galaxy A30, and any other Galaxy phone run Android 10.

Steps to add Flashlight Shortcut on Lock screen

To add flashlight icon on your Samsung Galaxy phone’s lock screen, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Settings and select Lock screen.
  2. Tap on Shortcuts to turn on the toggle.
  3. Select Bottom corners > choose Right shortcut or Left shortcut.
  4. Select Flashlight from the next screen.
flashlight lock screen shortcut on Galaxy phone
Add flashlight lock screen shortcut on Galaxy phone

To turn on your flashlight with your new lock screen shortcut, wake up your phone from standby. Now, swipe the flashlight icon in any direction. To turn off the flashlight, swipe the flashlight icon in the corner again.

Not only on Samsung Galaxy phones, but phones from other OEMs have similar features. The options available may vary on which phone and android version you have.

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