Google Messages is a comprehensive SMS app with several features built-in, including RCS support. Text Scheduling is a new feature in Google Messages, and it lets you send messages at a pre-programmed time and date. Here is how to schedule text (SMS) in Google Messages app.

The Scheduled Text message in Google Messages is an excellent feature. When you want to send event reminders, send a birthday greeting message at midnight, or convey important information right on the hour, you can use the text schedule feature.


Here is how to text scheduling in Google Messages. You can send SMS at a pre-determined time and date, which will be helpful on some occasions. If you don’t have the Messages app on your Android phone, install it from Play Store (link) and follow the instruction.

Steps to Send Scheduled Text on Google Messages

  1. Open the Google Messages app on your phone and tap on the Start chat button.
  2. Choose a contact that you want to send a scheduled text message.
  3. Type your message in the text field and long tap on the Send button (Arrow button)
  4. Select when you want to send the message. If the default options are not suitable for you, tap on the Select date and time option.
  5. Next, choose your date in the calendar, tap next and choose the time on the clock. Tap the save button to schedule the message.
Send scheduled text messages in Google Messages
Scheduled text messages in Google Messages

You have scheduled a text message/SMS, which will send to your contact automatically when the date and time reach. Keep in mind that your phone should be turned on at that time. Also, it should be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, in case you use the chat feature.

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