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Run Apps in Full Screen Mode on Android and iOS (How to)


Having an extra screen real estate on smartphone screens in particular, is very important especially when playing games, watching movies or surfing through the internet. Here is how to run apps in full screen on your Android and iOS devices by hiding status bar, however without losing system bars main functions such as navigation options and notifications.

First and foremost, to work it, your Android and iOS devices have root privileges. If your device is rooted, then follow below method to get full screen mode while running apps.

Android: Fullscreen is a little app for Android devices (works only on tablets running Android 3 or above), which is designed to force apps into full-screen mode without losing access to navigation options and notifications

Though it hides the system status bar, you can still access the important status bar functions such as navigation and notification. The provided replacement buttons can be configured in function, visibility, position and size as you like.


However, note that on tablets with split system bar (notifications on top and navigation on bottom) it is not possible to just hide the navigation bar.

iOS: Maximization is a Cydia app that lets you force apps run into full screen mode. The app works on iOS 5 and above. After installation, you can find the app under “Settings”.


Run it and you can enable or disable apps that you want have full screen. After selecting which applications you want to show up in full screen, test it out.

Search Cydia to find and install Maximization app.