Knock Code is a unique security feature of LG’s Android smartphone that lets you conveniently unlock your phone by just tapping a customized pattern on the screen using one hand. Now you can replicate LG’s Knock Code security feature on other phones running on Android 4.2 and later.



There is no need to say about securing your phone from unauthorized access. To stop your personal data falling into the wrong hands, you need to secure your phone using any security feature available with your phone. PIN, Pattern and Password are Android’s default security feature, but unlocking using these are a tedious process.

LG’s Knock Code enables you to unlock the phone conveniently with a simple onscreen knock pattern. It is the perfect combination of convenience and security. Now it is possible to replicate this on your non-LG device.

In order to use Knock Code on your non-LG device, you need to be rooted phone running on Android 4.2 and later and have the Xposed Framework installed. Read this article to know how to install and set up Xposed Framework on your phone.

Knock Code Installation Guide:


1. Download and install ‘Knock Code’ module APK from here. Alternatively, run Xposed app on your phone, tap ‘Download’ option, search for ‘Knock Code’ and download it. The module will automatically install. You should then activate it.

2. Open app drawer and run the Knock Code app. Use the ‘Change knock code’ option to set your knock code.

Please note that, first you need to set the stock Android 3×3-grid pattern lock in settings, after that, set a knock code pattern in the app. Then, turn your screen off then back on to test it out

Note: Without a custom kernel, you cannot use this with the screen off as in LG phone (source).

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  1. Hey I installed the Knock Code apk from xposed framework. Went to settings on my Nexus 5 and changed security to 3×3 grid pattern lock. Then went back to the knock Code app to set Knock code pattern. I turned the screen off and on again and got the 3×3 grid pattern lock. Tried my knock code on this screen but it did not work. Help me understand this. Do you knock on the 3×3 grid pattern or somewhere else?

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