Google has announced the features of its upcoming mobile operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Google I/O. It comes with many new features and a dozens of performance improvements. Along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google is also releasing a new version of the Play Store app that features magazine purchases along with ability to remote update and uninstall apps.

Remote update and uninstall apps is a new, handy feature Google has introduced to its Google Play Store web site. Users can now remotely uninstall and update apps on their Android device straightly from Google Play web site. This remote uninstall and update process may come in handy to many users. Here is how it works.


Go to Google Play Store web site and sign in with your account. Click on “My Android Apps” tab. It will list your installed apps and other apps in your library.


Update an app: Apps that require update will appear first in the list. To update the app, just click on the update button (see screenshot above) and it’ll update the app automatically on your device (next time you run the Play Store app on your device).


Uninstall an app: To uninstall an app, just click on the trash icon (see screenshot above), and confirm the action. It’ll uninstall the app from your Android device automatically.

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