Motorola’s budget smartphone the Moto E supports micro SD cards up to 32GB which will help you free internal storage by offering to move apps and media (pictures, movies and music stored internally) to the SD card. As Moto E has only 4GB internal memory option to move installed applications and media to the SD card is great.



One of the common reasons for running out of space on your modestly spaced Moto E is the way in which apps are installed. By default Moto E will install apps to the internal storage, however you have the option of moving your apps to SD card after they have been installed, thereby giving you extra space.

Moving Applications to your SD card

– Go to Settings > Apps. Under Download section, you can see a list of applications, which can be moved to the card. Tap the app that you want to move to your SD card.

– Click on the option ‘Move to SD card’. Wait until the app has finished moving.

You can move each application back and forth through this way. However, please note that not all apps are able to move to the SD card.

Also note that, moving an application to the SD card only moves the application executable and resources, any data which the application needs (cache, data) might still reside on internal storage.

Moving Media to the SD card: When you insert an SD card, you will get a Move Media dialog (only displayed once) offering to move all media files (pictures, movies and music) stored internally. You can invoke this option manually from storage settings at any time.

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  1. Cant download any app bcoz phone memory is full & i want to setting how i m moved any app in memory card…??????

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