Even if your phone has a decently larger battery, it drying out before your day completes. This is a common problem. Though, Android Lollipop has its own battery-limiting tool (Settings ->Battery ->Battery saver), other options like limiting Android’s background process and killing activities of apps are also available to limit the battery drain.

This tutorial will show you how to limit battery drain on Lollipop by limiting background process and killing apps activities when they are not in use. It does not require third party apps or root access on your phone. All you need to enable the developer option and activate the features.



By limiting background process, you can reduce the impact apps running in the background have on your battery. Also, by killing every activity as soon as you leave an app will reduce the battery drain.

How to Limit Battery Drain on Lollipop by Limiting Background Processes & Killing Apps Activities

1. First, go to Settings -> Developer options (If you have not enabled the developer option, go to Settings ->About phone and tap Build number repeatedly).

2. Scroll through the ‘Developer options’ and under ‘Apps’, enable ‘Don’t keep activities’ setting. It will kill any app you stop using.

3. Also, you can disable background processes entirely or limit those that are running up to 4.


Tap ‘Background process limit’ and choose your option – Standard (default), No Background process or limit any number between 1 and 4.

Let us know have the above steps helped you to increase the battery life on your Android Lollipop phone.

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  1. There are reports limiting number of processes could create some probs like with the calendar and more. Did you tested with this anytime?

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