The LG G3’s weather and clock widget has a sleek look and its blue color scheme brings a cool feeling. If you would like to get one on your phone, here is how you can bring LG G3 like weather and clock widget to your phone without root permission.

To get LG G3 like weather and clock widget on your phone, you need to install a free app XWidget from Play Store. “XWidget is really a must have custom widget app for any Android users who loves a beautiful screen to give his or her device a unique look”.


Download and install Xwidget app from Play Store and run it. From the sidebar menu, select Weather. Look for “LG G3 weather widget” and tap it to download. Once download completed, Go to widget section, choose a 4×2 Xwidget, and then select the LG G3 widget you have just downloaded.


To set the location and the time zone, tap the widget and tap ‘Change location’ and ‘Time zone settings’ buttons. In addition, from the menu you can edit the widget and manually update the weather.

Note: If you can’t resize the widget according to your phone’s screen size, you need to install a custom launcher like Apex.


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