The latest version of Instagram app for Android brings iPhone’s 3D Touch feature to your phone. Read on to know how to get and use this pretty-interesting feature right now. 3D Touch is a pretty-cool feature of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It lets you preview the content by force touching on the screen, for example on an image thumbnail.

Latest version of Instagram brings iPhone’s 3D Touch feature to Android, but not with a force touch, instead with a long- press. Since Android does not have iPhone’s special sensors integrated with the screen to recognize your force touch, Instagram uses the long-press gesture to bring 3D Touch feature on Android. Whatever will be that the 3D Touch is a pretty cool feature.



How to Get and Use Instagram’s 3D Touch on Android Phone

1. This new feature is only available for Android with the new Instagram (v 7.13.0), so download [HERE] and install the latest version (Play store version not yet updated to version 7.13.0).

2. To experience 3D Touch, search for photos in the Instagram app and simply long press on an image (or on a grid of image). The image will pop up in a larger preview by fading out other areas.


3. To view profile, share or like a photo, simply slide your finger down to the desired option.

Note that this feature may not be available in your phone. You may need to wait few more days. If you have this feature enable, does this 3D Touch enhance your experience with Instagram app on your Android phone? Leave your views in the comment section below.

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