Is your Windows Phone 8 running low on storage space? Here is how you can gain some storage space smartly with an app called Shrink Storage. Windows Phone 8 has one major problem with its storage handling. The “Other” or Apps folder in Phone storage gradually grows until your phone has no more space left. There is no option to manage it other than resetting the phone to factory settings.

However, the free app “Shrink Storage” helps you solve this issue smartly with a trick. Firstly, the app completely fills the internal storage, and then reboot the phone. Then you need to remove filled storage manually using this App.

How to use Shrink Storage?


Install the app from Windows Phone Store, and then follow below steps.

  • Open the app and click “Fill Phone Storage”
  • Wait for the confirmation message
  • Restart phone
  • Select “Clean Phone Storage”

Note that, the result (gained free storage) will vary between phones to phone. Also, there’s no guarantee that Windows Phone will free up storage by this way. Usually, it does when you use this app for the first time.

Download Shrink Storage from Windows phone Store.


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