Google Translate for Android has just updated with new useful features like instant translation, camera translation (image translation), etc. Camera translation is one of the top features of this update and as it name implies it lets you translate foreign text by pointing your phone’s camera at it. One of the most obvious uses of camera translation is it can use as a travel guide. For example, you can translate a signboard that is in another language into your desired language by just taking its snapshot.

Currently Google Translate’s camera translation supports only a few languages. If you select an unsupported language, the camera icon will not be displayed on Google Translate app. Moreover, to use Camera translation, you need a data connection and requires Android 2.3 and above.



Using camera translation or image translation is quite simple.

– Open Google Translate on your Android phone and select a desire language that you want to translate. If the language supports camera translation, the camera icon will be displayed at the bottom right of your screen.

– Tap on the camera icon to take a snapshot of the image. Focus the image correctly to get a clear picture.

– After taking the snapshot, highlight the text on the image (that you want to translate) with your finger (draw carefully above the text on the image with your finger). If the text selection is perfect, Google Translate will process and displays the result.

Final thought: For me, camera function of Google Translate is a superb feature; however, it is unfortunate that many languages aren’t supported yet. However, I am sure that Google will add more languages in the next update of Google Translate for Android.



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