Have you ever wanted to copy and paste text from your PC to your Android phone or from your Android phone to your PC? Then ClipSync might be the right app for you. ClipSync has several uses in real life. For example, you can use it to copy and paste a text message typed on your PC to your Android phone or copy paste a URL from your phone to your PC to see it at on a bigger screen, and like that. All these can do wirelessly with ClipSync.

ClipSync can synchronize clipboard content of your PC and Android device automatically, if your PC and Android device on the same LAN over WIFI. It is a completely free app and easy to use.

How to sync clipboard content between devices using ClipSync

To sync clipboard content between devices using ClipSync, you need to install the android app on your mobile device, and a server app on your Windows PC. After installing it both on your PC and on phone, you can do the followings.


Copy paste text form Android to Windows: Long press any text on your Android device and select Copy. Now paste the text anywhere on your PC with right-click and select paste, or using CTRL+V shortcut key.


Copy paste text form Windows to Android: Copy any text from your PC as usual way or using CTRL+C shortcut keys. Then long press any input field on your Android device, and select Paste.

I had featured similar app for Android in previous posts. For example, Chrome to Phone and Send to phone (Firefox)are similar apps that lets you easily send links, phone numbers, and much more from your PC to your Android phone, but ClipSync is a browser independent app.

Interested users can download ClipSync for Android from Play Store and its server app for Windows from here

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