One of the much touted advantages of Firefox (and also Google chrome) is that you can easily enhance its functionality by downloading and installing what are known as extensions or add-ons.

Yes, it is true that Firefox has a very large repository of extensions. The newly introduced browser Google Chrome has also a growing add-on database and has some good extensions that Firefox misses.


If you wish to install a Google Chrome extension inside your Firefox, the add-on Google Chrome extension manager for Firefox will help

However, the installation is not an easy job and has no support for all extensions. You have to follow as described below after installing the extension (experimental) Google Chrome extension manager on Firefox.

  1. Download a Chrome extension using Google and extract the crx file.
  2. Go to your Firefox profile folder (C:Documents and Settings – {username} – Application Data – Mozilla – Firefox – Profiles – 86tc9fbi.default).
  3. Now go to the folder “extensions – [email protected] – extensions.
  4. Create a folder here, name it has the extension key preferably (something like “okngcjknhihjbpiencaanffnfcdlafic” for example).
  5. Copy & paste content of previously extracted package into this new folder.
  6. That’s it. Just restart Firefox now.

If you click on the “tools” menu, “Google Chrome addons” submenu, you’ll see extensions currently installed. (via)

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  1. Arctura,
    You must install the Firefox add-on Google Chrome Extension manager before doing.

    You can see ‘Extension’ directory inside ’86tc9fbi.default’ directory.

  2. That’s interesting to read. And I think most of the Chrome’s add-ons are available for Firefox also?

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