If you are disappointed with the camera performance of your LG G3, there is a simple way to improve it without root access. The camera hardware on LG G3 is very competent for capturing better shots, but the camera software offers very few controls to change phone’s selected settings. The XCam app for LG G3 solves this by extending the capabilities of the camera.



The LG G3’s camera is very competent. The laser focused back-facing 13-megapixel camera helps you take better shots even in gloomy locations. This is because, LG G3 uses laser for measuring distance between the lens and object, so focusing will be much faster. The dual LED flash also helps in low light situations and the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps improve the clarity.

However, you can further improve the camera performance on LG G3 with XCam app. This app only works on LG G3 with stock firmware. Before you get start with the XCam app, do not think the app can do wonders for you. What Xcam does for you is that it gives you more possibilities in terms of software to squeeze the quality.


Installation Instruction for XCam app:

1. Download XCam app [Here] and copy it to your phone’s SD card

2. Enable “Unknown Source” under Settings -> General -> Security

3. Tap XCamLG.apk file to install the app.

4. If you wish to support development and need additional functionality, you can purchase the XCam LG Settings app from the Play Store.

Note: If you want to save photos on external SD, Card you will need to install and run SDFix (requires root access). After you restart your phone, the external option should work without issue. (Source – XDA)

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