In order to make Android phone more secure than ever, Google implemented the new security feature “DNS over TLS” or “Private DNS” mode into Android P operating system. This new protocol protects user’s security and privacy by sending DNS queries over an encrypted (HTTPS) connection. If enabled this feature on your phone, your ISP cannot snoop through your search queries.

Unfortunately, “DNS over TLS” or “Private DNS” mode is not available on older versions of Android. However, there is a way to get Android P’s “Private DNS” mode on Android Oreo, Nougat and even on Marshmallow. If your phone is running on any of these Android versions, you can try Android P’s Private DNS mode with “Intra” app.



Developed by Jigsaw Operations LLC (a sister company of Google) Intra allows you to test new DNS-over-TLS services on your phone. The app protects your privacy by routing DNS queries over a secure HTTPS connection.

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Currently, Intra supports services from Cloudflare and Google. By default, your search queries will routed to Google Public DNS. You can also choose the new Cloudflare DNS.

Note that the app is still under development, so it may not work as expected. Here is how to use Intra on your Android phone.

1. Download and install the Intra app from the Google Play Store.

2. Open the app. It will show your current DNS and security status.

3. Tap on “Enable Protection” option to protect your privacy. That’s it.

By default, queries will rout to Google Public DNS. To change the secure DNS server to Cloudflare, tap on Google Public DNS and choose Cloudflare.

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