A number of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners are now complaining about a vertical pink line that appears on their handset’s display without any apparent reason. Though this is not a common problem yet, some Galaxy S7 edge users are reporting about the issue since March last years. If you are experiencing the vertical pink line on your Galaxy S7 edge, there is a temporary fix.

This article explains how to fix the vertical pink line issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung has already guaranteed that the company will repair the problem causing Galaxy S7 Edge under warranty, if the problem was not due to physical damage. However, users can try the below method to temporarily fix the vertical pink line issue on their device.


It is said that the vertical pink line issue often happens after falling the phone down. Dropping the phone can cause damage to the internal circuitry that controls the display of the phone. Falling increases the chance for vertical pink line as well as dead pixels. According to one of Samsung spokesperson, if the phone never felt, the vertical pink line issue would not occur.

Now, if your Galaxy S7 edge starting to show a vertical pink line without any reason, try the below steps to fix it (temporarily!)

How to Fix the Vertical Pink Line on Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge

1. Reset the display in the service menu. To do so, open dial on your Galaxy S7 Edge and dial the service code *#0*#

2. Now, click on Red, Green and Blue. This will reset the individual pixels of each color.

3. Try it few times

4. If the above steps do not work, press on the top of the display, near the Samsung logo or near to the front facing camera. This should help.

If the problem still not fixed after several attempts it may be a hardware issue and need evaluation. (Source – myce)

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