Trusted Devices is a brilliant feature of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is very handy if you use your phone with your Bluetooth smart devices such as Smartwatch, Headsets, Car audio or Fitbit. Enabling “Trusted Devices” feature will automatically unlock your phone when it comes with in the range of a trusted Bluetooth device. You will not have to insert the boring password or pattern each time to unlock your phone.



Trusted Devices is not a new feature of Android. Motorola’s has introduced this feature since 2013 on their Moto X and now Google integrated this feature to Android itself. On Android 5.0 Lollipop powered smartphones, you can enable this feature to unlock your phone automatically when your Bluetooth device (for instance, smartwatch or headsets) comes near to your phone and relock when you disconnect or get too far away.

Before you get started with the set up, keep in mind that this feature requires you to keep the Bluetooth “always on” in your phone. This is something that your battery drains quickly, but is not a problem with Android 5.0. The Bluetooth LE (low energy) technology on Android 5.0 will solve this issue.

How to enable Trusted Devices on Android 5.0 Devices

1. To enable “Trusted Devices” on Android 5.0 Lollipop, your phone should be secured with PIN or Pattern lock. Once you did that, follow the steps given below.

2. Go to Settings -> Security -> Trusted devices. Tap the add button and then choose Bluetooth or NFC.

3. If you are choosing Bluetooth, select the Bluetooth devices that you want to add as trusted devices and then returned to home screen. That’s it!

4. Now onwards, your phone will automatically unlock if a trusted Bluetooth device comes near to your phone and relock automatically when it get too far way.

Note: If you want “Trusted devices” feature on your KitKat or Jelly Bean devices, read my previous guide on that.

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  1. Trusted devices was introduced in the Moto X in 2013. Google has taken active notifications and trusted devices that was a feature of the Moto X and put it in Android L.

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