As you all know, Google Now can be activated by saying the hotword “Ok Google” and currently it only accepts the launch phrase Ok Google, so what if you want to change the hotword to something that suits you. There is an easy way to customize the Google Now hotword on your phone.



If you are an Android smartphone user, there is no need to say more about the Google Now personal assistant. It is your best place for voice-controlled features. By using the hands free launch phrase ‘Ok Google’ followed by a command, you can do things like search, get directions, run apps, send messages, ask questions and more.

To customize the “Ok Google” hotword on your phone, make sure that you have updated your Google Search app to the latest version, and then follow the instruction given below.

1. Open Google app (Google Now) and select Settings. Then, select Voice -> OK Google hotword detection, and switch it to “Off“.

2. Install the “Open Mic+ for Google Now” app from Play Store [download].

3. Open the Mic+ for Google Now app and under “Hotword Detection” tap the pencil icon shown next to the “Say” option.


4. Type a desired hotword and tap “Set“.

5. Now, you have successfully changed your Google Now hotword. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that, the hotword detection will not be quick as with the default Google Now setup. Also, please note that, the app will drain your battery more quickly. However, you can enjoy using your own hotword with Google Now.

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