Soft keys such as Home, Recent and Back are great, but make trouble in some times, for example, chances are there for accidentally pressing a soft key while you are doing something on your phone. You can hide your soft keys and use gestures instead on your Android phone – no root access required. Here is how it is.

You can define gestures ‘swipe from screen edges or corners’ to get Home, Recent and Back soft keys functions on your phone. “All in one Gestures” app lets you do that very easily. It is a free app (ad supported) and easy to configure. The below guide will give you an idea on how to use the app.


How to hide soft keys and use gesture in its place:

1. Install the “All in one Gestures” app from Play Store and run it. Under “Swipe” tab, enable the gesture action. You can choose either edges or corner for swipe gesture.

2. ‘Edges’ and ‘Corners’ give us four options – Top area, Left area, Right area and Bottom area. Choose desired area and choose an action. For instance, choose Bottom, Right and Left area for Home, Recent apps and Back menu respectively.


3. Now, to hide soft keys, you need to use “Full Screen” mode. To do so, choose an area, in this example, choose “Top area” and select “Full Screen” action.

Important: Do not forget to enable “Accessibility shortcut” option by going to phone Settings -> Accessibility. Otherwise full screen mode won’t work.

4. You can configure edge preferences, its transparency, color, etc. from app’s settings menu.

All in one Gestures app offers several other possibilities. For example, you can choose actions for launching apps and shortcuts. You can also use hover and tap gestures to perform certain actions.

Download All in one Gestures app from Play Store. Leave your views in the comment section below.

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