Google’s keyboard app for smartphones, Gboard, has several features to fulfill your complete typing needs. Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, Gboard has integrated Google search, emoji search, GIF search, multilingual typing support, glide typing, number row, floating keyboard, one-handed mode, on the fly translation, and many more.

A significant feature of Gboard is the ability to type in any foreign language without changing the language and keyboard layout. Thanks to the on-the-fly translation feature of Gboard, even if you choose the US QWERTY keyboard layout, you can type in foreign languages with this option.

Here’s how to use Google Gboard to type in foreign languages on Android and iOS. If you haven’t installed the app on your phone yet, download it from the Play Store [link] or App Store [link].

Steps to Type in Foreign Languages with Gboard

1. Bring up the Gboard by tapping a text field on your phone.

2. Next, tap on the More option (three horizontal dots) on the toolbar.

3. Long press on the translate icon and drag it to the keyboard’s toolbar section.

4. Now, open any app that requires typing. Tap on the text field to bring up the Gboard.

5. Tap on the translate button shown on the toolbar.

6. Select in which language you want to send a text message.

7. Now start typing. Your text will instantly translate to your selected language.

8. After finishing your typing, tap on the send button.


That’s it. This handy option will help you send messages in any language to your contacts regardless of their language. In other words, Google’s Gboard keyboard app lets you text with any person on your smartphone without the language barrier.

What are the Advantages of Gboard’s on the fly Translation?

The main advantage of Gboard’s on the fly translate is that you can chat with anyone on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc., regardless of your native language. In other words, you can text with anyone in their language even if you do not know how to read and write their language.

Another benefit of on-the-fly translation is that you can use this feature to learn basic spoken phrases in any foreign language.

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