Gmail just introduced another new feature on its lab section called Preview Pane – a third column that allows users to read messages right next to their list of conversations, making mail reading faster and adding more context. This time saving option is already available on other mail services like Hotmail and Gmail on tablets.
This feature is more suitable for wide screen monitors and you can save a lot of time by previewing without actually having to open a message.



How to enable Gmail Preview Pane?

1. Log into your Gmail account, go to Mail Settings – Labs, and enable Preview Pane (scroll down to see the Preview Pane).

2. Click Save at the bottom of the page. Gmail will reload and go back to the message list.


3. Now you can see a new icon on the top right. Just click on it and select your preferred split mode: Vertical Split or Horizontal Split.

Note: You can always disable this feature by selecting ‘No Split’ option. Hope you’ll enjoy this post.

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  1. Annoyingly, when enabled, it prevents FireGestures (a mouse gesture add-on) from working in the Gmail tab. Otherwise a nice addition to Gmail.

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