If you frequently send personal text messages (SMS), then you probably know how emoticons can add some generic, but sometimes helpful, emotional flavor to your brief text message. If you are new to Android phone, here is how you can access a full list of emoticons.

Depending on your Android phone’s messaging app, accessing emoticons differs from phone to phone. To view your emoticons, just follow as described below.Android-emoticons


Start by tapping the messaging app from your Home screen or apps tray. Then insert a contact in the ‘To’ field, and then tap the ‘Type to Compose’ or ‘Enter Message’. Now the on-screen keyboard will display.

Some messaging apps display an emoticons key right on the keyboard. If you see a smiley on the keyboard, then simply “long-press” the key to display the full list of emoticons, then just tap the emoticon you want and it will appear in the text window.Android-emoticons-inseart

If you do not see a smiley on the keyboard, then press the Menu key and tap Insert Smiley. You will see a scrollable list of emoticons.

If pressing the Menu key does not display the Insert Smiley key, then press ‘More’ option and access it from this submenu.

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