In this tutorial, we show you how to enable LTE only or 4G only mode in Samsung phones. Why you need LTE only mode in your phone? With LTE/4G connection you can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming, video call, HD audio call and more. However, if you are in an area where 4G LTE signal is poor, your phone will automatically switch between 4G/LTE, 3G, EDGE or 2G radio to be able to provide data connectivity.

As you know, frequent switching between network connections will interrupt your video streaming, video call, and HD audio call. This will also drain your battery more quickly. So, to get constant LTE/4G connection on your phone, you should be in an area where 4G LTE reception is good and enabled the LTE only mode in your mobile phone.


enable LTE only mode in Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro

If you own a Samsung phone and do not know how to enable LTE Only mode in it, then read on to know how to force your phone to use 4G LTE connection all the time. Keep in mind that you should be in LTE footprint or else you will lose connectivity.

The below method does not require root access or any special permission on your Samsung phone, but it should be a Qualcomm device. In addition, you can always go back to the auto-network selection mode.

How to Enable LTE/4G Only Mode in Samsung Phone

# First method:

1. Go to Settings menu > more settings > Mobile networks

2. You should see LTE network selections

3. If your phone is dual SIM model, tap on Network mode SIM 1.

4. Select the option WCDMA/GSM.

# Second method:

1. If above method does not work for you, follow this method.

2. Download and install 4G Fix app from Play Store

3. Open the app, tap on Run Ping test, then scroll down and tap on SMSC update/refresh.

4. In network mode, select LTE only mode.

# Third method (may not work with all models):

1. Open the dialer app and type *#0011# to enter into service mode

2. Enable Main menu.

– To do so, go to Menu > Key Input > Type Q and press OK.
– Again go to Key Input > Type 0000 > press OK and wait few seconds [If you get a ‘0’ response, repeat the steps]
– If the system is OK, you will see the Main Menu.

3. Select Option [2] UE Setting & Info.

4. Now, select Option [1] Setting > [1] Protocol > [2] Nas > [1] Network Control > [4] Band Selection (For dual SIM, select SIM1 or SIM2).

5. Select [4] LTE Band Preference (Automatic to disable LTE Only mode).

6. Select [8] LTE All.

You have enabled LTE/4G mode on your Samsung phone. More details for the third method are available at XDA developer forum here.

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