Lineage Downloader is an application on Play Store that lets users updates their LineageOS build to latest version. The app has several features over the default updater app, but it only works with official LineageOS builds. Lineage Downloader is updated to version 3.0 with LineageOS 16 support, new material design, and bug fixes.

If you have recently installed the LineageOS custom ROM on your Android phone, then you might like the Lineage Downloader app. LineageOS team releases new nightly build every week with bug fixes and improvements, so this app helps you update to the latest build easily. You do not need to download the full update.


lineage downloader update lineageos automatically

What is new in Lineage Downloader V3.0?

-New Design with CardView and Google Font
-Added support to Lineage 16.0
-Fixed bug where users can’t rate or comment previously installed builds
-Fixed bug where users can’t flash last downloaded build without connection

For those who are not familiar with LineageOS, the Lineage Downloader offers various features. Before updating to latest version, you can see changelog of current, old and next builds, download and flashes the LineageOS ROM automatically, backup your old OS. In addition, the app will lets you download Gapps, auto delete old backups to save space, flash additional zips in batch with the ROM (kernel, Gapps etc.) and more.



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Note that the ad-free premium version offers additional features, such as automatically flash the new builds at the set time and perform an automatic backup before the flash.

You can download Lineage Downloader free version from Play store here and ad free prime version from Play store here.

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