Many computers are equipped with one or more toolbars. This not only makes your PC slow but also unsafe to use. Here is why toolbars are very important for manufactures and how you can safely and easily delete this unnecessary software. Manufacturers of toolbar primarily use it for earning cash or for spying on you. They earn cash when you use the search input field in the additional toolbar.

1. The best way to remove additional browser toolbar is the PC Decrapifier tool, which is free to download at here. Run PC Decrapifier, select toolbars, and then click ’next’ to remove them.



2. If the toolbars still remain, look for the entry in the uninstallation menu of Windows. You’ll find this in the ‘Control Panel’ under ‘Remove Programs’.

3. If the toolbar still shows in the browser remove it manually. In Firefox and internet explorer, you will find the entries under View -Toolbars.

4. Many Toolbars are also integrated as add-on. For Firefox, click Tools – add-ons and remove the software via here ‘Disable’, then ‘Uninstall’. For IE 9, click Tools (Alt + X) – Manage add-onsToolbars and extensions. The procedure is more or like similar for other browsers also.

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  1. I just had a nightmare with the Bearshare Toolbar.

    Irritating as hell, when I search for something, I type the term into the Browser and Google usually finds what I’m looking for, but when I downloaded Bearshare it took over my search facility.

    I uninstalled but to no avail. I had to go into Google Chrome tools and changed my default search engine and homepag. Pretty simple way to get rid of an extremely stressful few days.

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