A major complaint for many Android users is that their Gallery app has been cluttered with every photo they posted or shared on their Google +. If things are not properly set, photos posted or shared among your Google + circle will be uploaded into your Gallery app. Here is how you can disable and remove Google + photos from your Gallery app.

Getting rid of Google + photo clutter on your Android phone is a quite simple process. If the G+ photos appearing on your Android phone really annoying you, just follow below simple guide.


1. On your Android phone, go to Settings and under Accounts (or Account & Sync) choose Google.

2. Select the account that is connected with your Google + and uncheck the check boxes for “Sync Google Photos” and “Sync Google + photos”/ “Picasa Web Albums”.


3. Now, go back to “Settings” menu and under “Apps” or Application, choose “All” and scroll down and tap on “Gallery” app to open it.


4. Now, choose Force stop, then Disable and Clear data. Finally choose Enable option. That’s it. Hope this will help you solve your problem.

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