During long gaming, streaming videos, internet browsing, downloading large files, or while using MHL / HDMI streaming ability to play movie or game on the TV screen, it is a common fault for Android devices to overheat a bit. Aging or faulty battery and background running apps can also contribute to overheating of Android phone. Here is how to solve the issue.

Avoiding playing games for a long time, moderating online browsing session, uninstalling unnecessary background running apps, and replacing aging or faulty battery can prevent overheating of your device a bit. You can also consider the app “Screen Standby” for preventing heating in certain situations.


The Screen Standby (requires root access) app carefully manage how your phone tackles sessions like this and optimizes your phone screen and battery to make sure they don’t overheat.


The app can be useful, if want to turn off the screen without putting the phone into sleep and while using the device to cast MHL / HDMI streaming ability to play movie or game on the big screen without overheating.

The app provides many other features also like remote controller and touch pad features. It can be a bit tricky to get your head around its various menus to begin with, but it really is a great app to use. You can download it free (ad supported) from Play Store.

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