Previously we had posted a short tutorial on creating disposable email address on Hotmail. If you are a Yahoo Mail fan, here is how to create a disposable email address on Yahoo Mail. This self-destructing email address is useful, for example, to register for web services for privacy or you can use it wherever you don’t want to share your real mail address.

Just follow  to create a disposable email address on Yahoo! Mail. Login to you Yahoo mail and click Option – Mail Option – Options – Add Address.



In the popup window, ‘Create base name’ type any word (for example, techtrickz) you like and click Next button.


Now, in the ‘Choose a keyword’ option window, enter a keyword, which helps you to remember where you plan to use the address.


You can also set preference for this disposable email address from here, such as specify folder to deliver your message, for example Trash, use spam guard, from name etc. After choosing your options click Save button. That’s all!

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  1. Once again I double cheeked it, bu couldn’t find any problem with it. You may need to wait a little time to get the next window.

  2. Hi, firstly, thanks for the tutorial 🙂
    But I’m facing issues while trying to create a Disposable Acc.
    When I click on the “add Address” option at top, it gives me the first window to create the base name. But once I click “Next”, I don’t get the second screen.
    I tried this on Firefox 6.0.2 & also IE 7, but same thing happens.

    Any help will be appreciated !!!!!!!!

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