Google Keep is a note-taking and list creating service that allows you to create, save and share notes, task lists, photos, voice notes, and other content and recall them easily wherever you are. Another feature of Google Keep Notes is OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which lets you copy text from handwritten text and images.

Here is how to use Google Keep Notes on Android and iPhone to easily convert handwritten notes or lists into digital format. So that it will be easier to edit, organize, and review your written checklist or notes. Also, you will always have a digital copy of your handwritten text at your fingertip.


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How to Use Google Keeps Notes to Convert Handwritten Notes into Digital Format?

1. Install the Google Keeps Notes app (link) if you do not have it already on your Android device.

2. Tap the Google Keeps Notes app’s icon from the home screen or app drawer.

3. Select the New photo note option.

4. Next, point your camera at the paper document you want to digitize and tap the camera button.

5. If the photo is ok, tap the check mark or OK button.

6. Launch the Google Keeps Notes app and tap the photo you have just taken.

7. Next, tap the vertical dots menu and select the Grab image text option.

8. Google Keeps Notes will extract text from the photo. The notes will display below the image.

Google Keep convert handwritten notes into digital format

You have now converted your handwritten notes into digital format. You can now edit the text, add a label, make a copy, share, and more with Google Keeps Notes.

Not just handwritten text, you can use Google Keeps Notes app to digitize your paper document and extract text from any image you have on your device.

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