Windows 8 comes with an all-new browser Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10). Designed for both desktop and touchscreens, IE10 offers many new features as well as comes with a UI update. Here the topic is how to change the default download folder of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8. It’s very simple. Just read below to know how it is.


By default, Internet Explorer 10 save the downloaded files in the ‘Downloads’ folder in users profile. If you prefer to save the files on another location or drive, here is how it is.

Run Internet Explorer 10 and click on the Gear like icon and select ‘View downloads’ or use the shortcut key CTRL + J to open downloaded folder.


On the bottom left of the ‘View Downloads’ window, click “Options”. Then, click on the browse button to select the location or folder that you want IE10 to use as the default download location.



  1. Great post, Kannan. The Downloads folder can get cluttered so it’s good to change it sometimes. I love the Metro UI on Windows 8 and all of it’s new applications, such as IE. What do you think?


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